The new collection drops February 3rd at 5pm ET on OpenSea.
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Pixels that think, wonder, hide, and feel.

Enter, philosopher

Welcome to the home of The Philosophical Foxes, an experiment in storytelling, intellectual property and community, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our work centers on our 1,100 fox NFTs, the protagonists in our shared story. Together, we hope to build the home of web3’s deepest thinkers and boldest raconteurs.

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unique properties

We are more interesting than an image, more complex than a profile picture. Each of our foxes is a true character, no less real than those that live in the pages of our favorite books or animate our screens. That is not simply a turn of phrase but a technical reality: every fox has thoughts, philosophies, emotional baggage, and virtues written into its metadata.

When you join our pack, you’re not only buying a collectible, but acquiring a media property in miniature. A piece of tangible intellectual property.



Every fox is thinking about something. Some might be deep, mulling over a tricky philosophical concept, while others just want a banana. You’ll find scientific, artistic, and metaphorical foxes – alongside many others.

Only yours
Universal genius


Foxes adhere to specific philosophies. Some follow old schools of thought like stoicism, while others align themselves with modern ontologies like WallStreetBets.


Emotional baggage

We all have our foibles—so do foxes. They can be jealous, forgetful, or basic. They can have bad punctuation or an Oedipal complex. They are flawed in fascinating, unusual ways.

Always late
Chronic interrupter
Loves puns


Foxes also have wonderful qualities like good credit scores, an amazing memory, natural rhythm, or a collection of beautiful books. Our virtues define as much as our baggage.

Galaxy brain


Some foxes – only a few – have secrets. As in real life, some may wish to share their secret with the world, while others choose to keep it to themselves.

I tell people I'm part of Mensa.
I ate all the chips.
I tried to short GME.


Every fox is a true character

Let’s take a look at how this all comes together. Scroll to see how a thought, philosophy, virtue, and baggage combine to make a fox.

no sleep

This fox is thinking about their insomnia. Aw, shucks.

At least they’ll be able to see the strange senselessness of it since they’re an absurdist.

While they’re burdened with a classic case of Gifted Child Syndrome...

the good news is that they’re
strangely graceful. Nice.


Solo thoughts

Though every fox is “non-fungible,” they can still grow by adding one of our 311 solo thoughts. Like foxes themselves, these thought bubbles have philosophies, baggage, virtues, and secrets attached to them. Holders can associate these with a fox, adding new characteristics beyond those that are already a part of them. For example, by adding a solo thought, a fox might become both an existentialist and a nihilist. We call this a progressive personality, built on-chain, piece by piece.

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Your smile kills me, you know.
Earliest memory. Alone.
Stolen seed phrase.
1000 years
from now


join us

Where is the best place to think and muse and discuss and debate? The cafe, of course. Our Discord is the portal to a sublime, virtual coffee shop complete with engaging conversation, chill lo-fi tunes, and mystical concoctions. Do you know of any other cafes that serve your latte topped with a foam portrait of Jean-Paul Sartre?

There’s even a secret den for members of the pack.

We tread lightly and move together.
Here is what we hope to achieve as part
of Narrative 1: The Story of How We Learned to Sleep.


We unveil a genesis collection of 100 foxes and 11 solo thoughts.


We open the Ethereal Cafe to early patrons. The full collection of 1,100 Foxes and 311 thoughts is shared with the world.


Ten wild foxes appear and are randomly sent to live with existing foxes.


Eleven solo thoughts manifest from the ether and randomly enter the minds of existing foxes.


A secret is revealed. Who is hiding?


Vulpes Amorem, an ancient lost love poem, is found beneath a bodhi tree. Its verse tells us about some of the fox world origins.


The sacred garments enter production. The pack may access special products.


A powerful hypnotic mist spreads across the forest, leading Foxes to experience vivid hallucinations and wild visions. This event, called “The Somni,” opens the door to a new dimension and creates Dreaming Foxes.


The scribbler

Mario or Picnic, Lightning (PL)

When he is thinking, he is Mario, the founder of The Generalist. When he is dreaming, he is Picnic, Lightning, the scribe for Philosophical Foxes. Sometimes he forgets which he is supposed to be doing and dreams when he is supposed to think and thinks when is supposed to dream and sometimes he does nothing except sit quietly and eat a cookie.

visit the generalist



What is a fox?

Good question. Foxes are omnivorous quadrupeds from the canidae family. They usually have pointy ears, long snouts, a bushy tail, and certain sassy je ne sais quoi.


What is a Philosophical Fox?

A Philosophical Fox is an NFT that thinks, wonders, hides, and feels. They have philosophies, baggage, virtues, and even secrets.


What makes them special?

Oh silly. Don’t you remember?


Who owns the foxes?

You do. When you buy a Philosophical Fox NFT you own it: the art and the underlying piece. The piece is mediated entirely by the smart contract and Ethereum Network which means we can’t take it from you or modify it. Of course, you can add to your fox by collecting additional solo thoughts.


Where can I buy them?

The next Philosophical Foxes drop will take place on Thursday Feb 3 at 5pm EST. New pieces will be sold via a Dutch auction on the Philosophical Foxes OpenSea page.


What’s on the menu at the Ethereal Cafe?

Oh, the usual. Our favorites are the Marxist Mocha, PSL (Platonic Spiced Latte), Camus Cortado, and Popper’s Poppy Seed Bagel. Post up next to a (Will to) power outlet and do some writing or relax with a good book and watch the raindrops slide down the window.


If you’re such a philosopher, what’s the meaning of life?

Have fun, read books, be kind.


Who is your favorite philosopher?

Crementon Glovius. I bet you’ve never heard of him.

Verified smart contract address for Foxes V2: 0x55256178afe74082c4f9afef7e40fec949c1b499#code
Note: Foxes v1 were dropped using the OS storefront and therefore use the OpenSea contract.